Terms and Conditions

1. Registration

Submission of the registration form secures your child’s place at After school care for the term and you are confirming that this care is required. Should you change your mind, then fees for the half-term will still be due.

2. Fees

Sessions costs Breakfast Club £5.00, After School Care £12.50 and fees are to be paid half-termly in advance. Invoices will be issued by email and sent prior to the beginning of each half-term for payment for that half term. Usual form of payment is BACS transfer and/or childcare vouchers. Alternative payment forms and payment plans can be arranged individually at the discretion of J and C Academy if required.

3. Absence

If your child is unable to attend after school care due to illness, holidays, appointments or for any other reason then the standard fee will apply. Unfortunately we are not able to offer alternative sessions or refunds. In the event of a long term illness please contact J and C Academy as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made. We will endeavour to provide the most appropriate support during this time.

4. After School Care Closure

After school care is available Monday to Friday 3.30pm-6.00pm, term time only (as per St Gregory’s Primary term dates). In the unfortunate event of a School Closure due to reasons other than statutory holidays, e.g. weather, and provision cannot be offered, then refunds will be made.

5. Late Collection

Please contact After school care immediately if you know that you will be late collecting your child. Parents whose children that are not collected by 6pm will be charged £15 per quarter of an hour to cover the costs of the two staff who are legally required to stay Any child who remains at 6.30pm, after doing everything possible to contact parents and emergency contacts, then I understand that the J and C after school club staff will be legally required to contact Social Care.

6. Non Payment of Fees

In the case of late payment of fees (exceeding one week after agreed payment date), an administration charge of £25.00 will be charged. In the event of fees in arrears the following procedure will take place:

  1. A letter will be sent out asking for the outstanding amount to be brought up to date within seven days.
  2. If after seven days the outstanding amount is not repaid further notification will be sent along with a date of withdrawal of your child’s after school place.
  3. If still no arrangements have been made to repay the overdue amount then information specific to your outstanding fees will be sent to our Legal Department who will take the appropriate actions to recover the monies.

If you experience any difficulties in maintaining your account with us then please speak to J and C Academy as soon as possible as short term arrangements can be made (subject to circumstances).


  • I consent to my child attending this club.  I understand that the club has policies and procedures and there are expectations and obligations relating to the conduct of myself and my child and I agree to abide by them.  I understand that failure to do so will mean that my child will no longer be able to attend the club.
  • I understand that my child will be provided with a snack and drink whilst at the club unless otherwise requested.
  • Once my child is delivered/collected for breakfast/after school club he/she will be in the care of the staff until collected and signed out by a ‘named’ responsible adult.
  • I will inform the school office if my child will not be attending the club on a day that he/she is booked in to the club.
  • I will pay promptly for sessions even when my child does not attend, unless other arrangements have been made with the supervisor/headteacher.
  • I accept that whilst at the club my child may get involved in messy activities.
  • I understand that the information given on this registration form is confidential.  However, there may be times, for example in the case of child protection concerns, when details may be passed to other agencies in line with the child protection policy.
  • Where the club has endorsed my claim for Childcare Tax Credit I understand that I am legally obliged to notify the Inland Revenue if I cease to use the service during the period of my claim.
  • I confirm that the information given on this form is correct and agree to notify the club of any changes in detail.
  • I have read and, in signing this form, accept the above conditions for my child attending the breakfast/after school club.